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About Trader Wealth Management


Trader Wealth Management offers a comprehensive suite of financial services for high income, high net worth individuals. Originally conceived to meet the unique financial needs of traders, TWM has grown into a sophisticated firm for a variety of executives and small business owners.

All of our services, applied with our core values in mind, aim to grow and preserve your personal wealth position, as well as simplify your life. Our ultimate goal is to place you on the path to prosperity.

Our Services

The services we provide aim to address any and all financial needs our clients may have. We navigate the complex investment waters, deal with the ever-changing and complicated tax laws and produce comprehensive financial plans in order to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Services are integrated with our Wealth Management Solution; your personal financial website designed to simplify and organize your wealth position.

The Fearless Investor
Our Philosophy

The Infinite Alpha Philosophy is a philosophy created by Trader Wealth Management that seeks disciplined investment processes that are designed to grow and preserve your wealth. We focus on programs that are based on active risk management and that seek opportunities for superior returns over the long term while reducing risk in the short term.

Simply put, our goal is to capture most of the upside of the bull markets, while attempting to preserve your gains in bear markets.

While producing an "infinite" amount of alpha is not achievable, it is a worthy goal. The Infinite Alpha Philosophy seeks to deliver to you the returns they need without the heart stopping volatility that they assume every day in their trading. We buck the traditional model of "setting sail" in tumultuous markets without care or consideration of the economic rough seas that may be present. Instead, we actively "row" our investors to financial prosperity.


Main Office
Trader Wealth Management, LLC
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The Chicago Board of Trade Building
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Chicago, IL 60604

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