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Personal Financial Website

Trader Wealth Management offers to our investment management and planning clients a Personal Financial Website which links all of your accounts to present a concise snapshot of your financial position. With this view, we can make accurate and calculated plans for up-coming events such as college savings, second-home purchases, etc and for the unforeseen events such as disability or long-term care. The platform also enables you to store and easily access important documents such as wills, family pictures, tax returns, etc.  


In the past, people have completed financial plans that reflect their financial situation at a particular point in time without considering the unpredictability of life. Knowing that life and incomes are constantly changing, your personal website becomes a powerful tool that allows us to constantly monitor your financial status and to adapt to any change. The technology helps us to grow and preserve your personal wealth position while also providing you with the benefit of the following services:


  • Comprehensive financial plan updated daily

  • Personal Website with 24-hour Access to All Financial Information

  • Account Aggregation

  • Alerts to let us know of important changes in your accounts

  • Online vault capable of storing important documents



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