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Rowing to Financial Prosperity

The traditional investment advice to capturing the stock market's upside is to "set sail." This allows investors to participate in the tremendous potential that has historically accompanied the market at any point in time. As long as an investment stays the course through thick and thin, the stock market will produce superior long-term returns and not much consideration needs to be given to the overall economic conditions of our global economy.


What this nautical analogy fails to take into consideration is just how long the "thin" part of the journey will last and its overall impact on your portfolio's compound returns. In the past, equity investments have had to endure 10-15 years of poor and negative returns in the stock market.

With this in mind, The Infinite Alpha Philosophy seeks to position your portfolio so that these rough patches of negative returns in equity markets do not have a long-term negative impact on your financial health. We understand that the luxury of sailing to financial freedom, especially during highly volatile times and uncertain economic conditions, is simply no longer a reality for investors in today's markets.


Instead, Trader Wealth Management focuses on rowing your portfolio to superior returns by insulating from severe loss and smoothing out your portfolio's returns. We seek absolute or positive returns in all environments and while this cannot be guaranteed, our expertise and experience have provided us with the strength to weather the storms and the know-how to capitalize during times of prosperity.

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