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About Orion

Transforming Wealth Management

You rely on Trader Wealth Management in many ways—to offer guidance on financial issues, to deliver investment intelligence and portfolio strategies, and to have a clear perspective on how best to achieve your life goals. You trust us for more than just financial advice; also to know you, your family and your aspirations for the future.

At Trader Wealth Management, we consider Orion to be the industry’s premier portfolio accounting service provider, and we put an emphasis on service to our clients. We are committed to providing accurate, timely data; prompt and honest accountability; and in-depth and end-to-end services for every client.  With Orion as an extension of our service team, we can deliver the results, services and clarity you need to make decisions and stay on track to achieve or maintain financial freedom. 

Main Office
Trader Wealth Management, LLC
509 W Old Northwest Highway, Suite 240
Barrington, IL 60010

CBOT Office
The Chicago Board of Trade Building
141 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1404
Chicago, IL 60604

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