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PERSONAL FINANCIAL WEBSITE - a "snapshot" of your financial health


This is your "go to" site! Available on the Web or on your phone!

You now have a personal website and mobile app designed to simplify and organize your financial information providing the clarity needed to make informed decisions.  This website provides an overview of all your accounts, even your bank accounts, 401(k)s and outside brokerage accounts.

  • Using the technology of the industry-leading wealth management solution, we are able to organize your finances more efficiently and help make your financial goals a reality.  

  • Your Personal Financial Website is truly dynamic and allows us to provide you with the transparency and accuracy of information that you deserve, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Read more about your Personal Financial Website.

Learn more about your Mobile Personal Financial Website.

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We provide you with comprehensive access to your financial information, from a quick snapshot on your Personal Financial Website, to performance data powered by Envestnet and detailed investment information by Veridium. Access to your information is a powerful tool that allows us to constantly monitor your financial status and adapt to change.

If you would like to know exactly what you own and how it's doing, this is the site for you!

While the link above provides you with an overview of all your accounts, including outside bank, brokerage, and retirement accounts,  "My Managed Accounts" provides you with an in depth look at the your accounts managed by Trader Wealth Management.    It details your asset allocation, your holdings and your performance to assure you that your investments are being managed properly.

Read More about Orion

VERIDIUM - when you want to "dive deeper"

While Your Personal Financial website provides a high level overview and snapshot of all your

accounts, and Orion provides more detailed reporting on brokerage accounts, Veridium does a deeper dive into the Infinite Alpha Opportunistic Fund and Infinite Alpha Fund holdings.

Read more about Veridium

Update your personal information safely, securely, and quickly on RedCapture. 

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